How do I contact the organizers if I have an issue?



Cell phone or text

Where are the pairings for each round?

Where is the tournament schedule?

Where is the list of players?

Who sets up the game for each round?

What are the settings for the games?

What rank do I play at?

Can I turn off my KGS rank?

Are games rated? Can I make them private?

How do I use the KGS Cgoban client?

Where is the Vermont Go Club Room on KGS?

What if the KGS Cgoban application is not working on my computer?

I’m using KGS with the Cgoban Client or GoUniverse Chrome extension and when I click nothing happens (or it is really slow sometimes)

I made a misclick! Can I undo my last move?

What if my opponent does not show up?

What if my opponent leaves the game in progress?

Our game started with the wrong settings/color/handicap, now what?

How do I finish the game to determine the result?

What do I do if my opponent is chatting too much or being rude during the game?

Can I use AI, game analysis, books, joseki dictionaries, or ask other players about my game in progress?

I’m not having fun; what do I do?

Is that Othello?

I have a question that is not on this list!